Personalized concierge in Seoul

Not your typical tour agency.

What to Expect

A totally personalized experience in Seoul like no one else can offer.

This is a 100% customizable schedule that you personally choose. Just tell me what kinds of foods you want to eat, what kinds of drinks you would like to have, and the types of places you want to go.

We can meet before you want to start the day/night and discuss everything in person for your comfort. I will give you all the options so that you will get everything that you want during your stay here in Korea.

You pick the time that you would like to start the day/night.

We will take public transportation and taxis according to your preference. Transportation is very reasonably priced here so it depends on what makes it most convenient for you.

Check out my latest tour with the guys from Making it Happen Vlog!

Hey Guys!

this is Mike, from Seoul, South Korea.

I just wanted to tell you a little about myself and what I’m about. I’m a Korean-born, American-raised guy who’s been living in Korea for 10 years. I know the culture and language very, very well.

I will be taking you to places that you wouldn’t normally be able to find through Google. I am not your normal tour guide. I am not here to take you to 5-star restaurants, but instead amazing food, at even more amazing prices.

I could take you to those places if you want, but anyone can do that. I want you to experience how the locals eat, without spending a fortune.

And trust me, there's plenty of good food at a more than reasonable price.

My main focus is food and drinks! (and partying) I will take you to the best of the best. Just tell me what you're looking for and I will do my best to arrange a fun day/night out on the town.

I’m not here to walk you through a tour to the DMZ. If you really want to, feel free to Google that or book it yourself on this site here (no commissions from me, it's just not my thing).

I will help you to get a public transportation card and learn the transportation system. I will assist you in getting a temporary SIM card if you would like to use your phone while you are here.

I am here to be your translator, tour guide, and personal concierge of any sort. I am here to provide a service that no other “tour guide” can do for you. I am knowledgeable, professional, and just an all around fun guy (or so I like to think). I am here to be your friend, not just your tour guide. Just think of me as a good old friend that just happens to be living in Seoul. I want to take you around just as I would my own friends. I have made many friends through this service and I still keep in contact with most of them to this day.

I am here, at your service.


You're not alone, people have been asking.

You can transfer me the money through the PayPal account when you book your service with me.

You can contact me through my contact page here.  I will respond back to you as soon as I can. (Please understand the time difference)

Please send me the name of the hotel and the address and I will come to you directly or we can meet at central location according to your comfort.

Send me a general idea of what you would like to do for the day and I will personally plan an itinerary or we can discuss it in person when you arrive.

That's it? No, but the other stuff makes me sad. It covers cancelations, refunds, policies, and other boring but probably important things. Please do check it out, just make it quick and get back to the good stuff. GO HERE

Expectations for visitors / guests

Think of it as visiting a friend in a foreign country who already knows the best places to go, eat, see, drink, and experience. And.. knows the language!

Personal Escort

With you every step of the way, it's like having Google translate, in human form.

Booking / Reservations

I'll help you reserve tickets for events, tours, movies, festivals, concerts, and anything else.

Korean Culture / Customs

Want a traditional experience? We can do a temple, Korea's mountains, or even meet my folks (beware)

Indulge in Korea's Epic Nightlife

Like to drink? Meet people? I'll show you Korea's insane nightlife (not responsible for hangovers)

As nice as I am, I'm not free. I promise you won't be disappointed!

The following prices are valid for 1-2 people per booking. Additional guests will be added on based on 5 or 10-hour bookings.

*Transportation is covered for tours.

  • HALF-DAY (5 Hours)

    Enough time for a whirlwind tour.
    Each additional guest +$50.00
  • ALL-DAY (10 Hours)

    Contact me at anytime during the 24-hour period.
    Each additional guest +$75.00


From my Guests

"...Mike was extremely knowledgable host and we even decided to book another session with him a few days before we were leaving. I recommend ITSEOULGOOD to anyone looking to enjoy the true vibes of Seoul, it absolutely worth it!"


Los Angeles, USA

"You really should contact Mike as he is a precious help as a guide and drinking partner, but most importantly he'll make you appreciate the best parts of the city.."



"Mike is very friendly and know everything about Seoul, so I definately recommend him if you want to know more about this beautiful city :)"


Paris, France

"I strongly recommend giving him a call if you are new to the country or if you are on a return visit; he knows all the best places to eat and drink. Thanks Mike!"


Nottingham, England

"Big Mike showed a few of my Australian friends, American friends and I around town for some delicious food and an awesome nightlife experience in Itaewon. To this day, I still think the pork belly restaurant he took us to was the best I've ever had."


San Jose, USA

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You probably have questions, I hopefully have answers. Give me a shout (almost) any time with your questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, or just to say, "Hi!"

Available during the hours I don't sleep, everyday.


Available whenever the internet is open, everyday.

I'm sociable too, after I've warmed up to you.