Purpose of Tour

Seoul is essentially separated by the Han River that runs through the center of Seoul. People who tend to live north of the river, tend to stay north of the river (mainly due to convenience, but I feel that it is the fun side of Seoul). The people that hang out north of the river tend to be of a younger generation. You will experience how we like to eat, drink, and party!

What we'll do

  • We will explore a few different areas for amazing food and drinks.
  • You will get to experience how we like to have a good time north of the river.
  • We will check out places that you eat and drink at (korean bars).
  • Check out a Korean club (which is completely different from a “normal” club)


  • FREE DRINKS!!!! (to a certain extent...I’m not rich guys haha)
  • Understand the difference between north and south of the river
  • See how the north side likes to have a good time
  • Get a layout of different areas of Seoul


Party Time


Eating & Drinking

For not knowing what to expect, this was nuts. For my last night as a single guy, couldn't have asked for much more. Kudos man!


The Bachelor
Mike was an awesome tour guide and couldn't have asked for more. One of our buddies lives in Seoul and didn't even know half the places he took us to. All around good guy and super helpful throughout the night. Would do this again in a heartbeat!


The Best Man
Man this trip was great, definitely couldn't have done some of the stuff we did without him (can't give details publicly). Trust, he was great!


The Korean Friend