Purpose of Tour

To show the traditional side of Seoul in a fun, modern way. We explore places that tourists would normally not be able to find nor be able to go to on their own. This is a true foodies itinerary through all the back alleys of old Seoul.

What we'll do

  • Eat traditional Korean food in the oldest neighborhoods of Seoul.
  • Eat and drink like the locals do in an outdoor tent.
  • Go to one of the oldest markets in Seoul.
  • Experience old style karaoke rooms.


  • Get to experience the back alleys of Seoul for the best food
  • Free drinks on the 1st round (don’t go too crazy!)
  • See old Seoul in its raw form


Culture, Food


Unique Experience

Touring with Mike was an exceptional experience. He's so professional, knowledgeable and the shop owners really know and love him. My tour was customized to be vegan and he took me to places which had vegan items, helped me learn some Korean phrases and etiquette and answered my bazillion questions related to his transition to South Korea, medical tourism and South Korean culture. He's a super nice guy and I highly recommend his tours to everyone.

Eileen Francisco

San Fransisco
Look, just pack your elastic waistband pants and book the tour. You won't have a better evening eating and drinking yourself under the table anywhere else in Seoul. Mike is crazy knowledgeable about food, and delightfully easy to get along with. Whatever you're in the mood for, Mike has you covered. You absolutely get to have input on what the evening will look like. Eat like a local without the language barrier being an issue. See the markets. Get roaring drunk if you're in the mood. I've recommended this tour to anyone I know who will be spending time in Seoul. Why are you still reading? Go. Book it. Now.

shandelirious (Google)